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Professionally Designed
Our designers have years of experience in web design, graphic design, and layout architecture.  Every detail down to the smallest font and color scheme has been analyzed and adjusted for the best user experience.

Beauty maybe in the eye of the beholder but we certainly believe that our replicating websites are clean, organized, and aesthetically appealing to the greater part of the online community.

Easy to manage, easy for new people to sign up, and easy to get people excited about Young Living.

With A/B testing and user input taken into account, our replicating websites are more effective in creating revenue and profits for its users.

Upload your personal picture, write your own story, and other content that makes your personal replicating website your own.

Frequent back office updates
Updating our content is very important to insure our replicating websites are fresh and current to the broader online market as well as staying ahead of the competition.
Developed just for Young Living Distributors
Our replicating websites are designed by a Young Living distributor and for a Young Living distributor.  Every aspect of the design is especially designed for Young Living distributors so that they can be more successful in their own businesses.

Convert prospects to distributors
Our websites simply deliver a better conversion from new prospects to actual sign ups than other competitors in our experience. You send new people to your personal replicating website, they like what they see, and they sign up - simple as that.

Integrate through your Social Media
Add your own social media to your personal website.  You can add your personal profile pages for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger (or Wordpress), and YouTube to your website.

Automatically sign up new prospects directly
When you send a prospect to your personal replicating website, you can rest assured that when he or she signs up they will be directly underneath you in your organization (or the Young Living member # you choose).

YL Website is Young Living's best Personal Replicating Website designed specifically for Young Living Distributors
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