Essential Oil Roll-Ons

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The latest in essential oil delivery systems, essential oil roll-ons allow for targeted application. The roll-on applicator ensures that you receive the therapeutic benefits of essential oils precisely where you need them most. The portable bottle are easily tossed in a purse or pocket, and the sleek design enables localized pressure to be applied, aiding oil absorption deep into the system.

Two of Young Living's most popular roll-ons, Stress Away™ and Breathe Again™ are blends perfectly suited for target application. Stress Away is a soothing combination of lime and vanilla that aids in calming nerves when gentle massaged into the back of the neck or on the temples. A natural alternative to mentholated ointments. Breathe Again is a mixture of eucalyptus and other respiratory oils that can be applied to the chest, neck, and under the nose to open airways.

Breathe Again Roll-On - 10 ml Breathe Again Roll-On - 10 ml
(Item No. 3528)

Retail: $33.88
Wholesale: $25.75

Deep Relief Roll-On - 10 ml Deep Relief Roll-On - 10 ml
(Item No. 3534)

Retail: $35.20
Wholesale: $26.75

RutaVaLa Roll-On - 10 ml RutaVaLa Roll-On - 10 ml
(Item No. 4471)

Retail: $47.04
Wholesale: $35.75

Stress Away Roll-On - 10 ml Stress Away Roll-On - 10 ml
(Item No. 4472)

Retail: $37.83
Wholesale: $28.75

Tranquil Roll-On - 10 ml Tranquil Roll-On - 10 ml
(Item No. 3533)

Retail: $37.83
Wholesale: $28.75